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The Lounge
at Island Sound Studios

Live Entertainment, Crafted Drinks, and Local Pupus
in Honolulu's Most Intimate and Legendary Music Setting.

Acoustic Guitar

A Night at the Lounge

Experience an unforgettable evening at The Lounge at Island Sound Studios, Hawaii's most intimate venue hosting seating for 50 special guests. Nestled within a world-class recording studio, The Lounge offers a unique music experience unlike anywhere else.

Live Music, Stand Up Comedy, Book Reading, Corporate & Private Events. From soulful performances to intimate stories told by the artists, dance floors pulsating with energy to cozy corners for relaxation, immerse yourself in the unmatched ambiance of The Lounge.

Our team of expert mixologists craft a wealth of signature cocktails inspired by the islands, ensuring every sip is a journey in itself.

Indulge in delightful bites, all expertly curated by our passionate gourmet chef, Chef Karol.

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The Velvet Monkey Logo - With Monkey - White + Bold.png

Introducing "The Velvet Monkey," an exclusive speakeasy with 23 seats. Nestled upstairs from The Lounge via a secret entrance, this cozy venue combines speakeasy charm with live Jazz & Acoustic Sets every Saturday night. Savor handcrafted cocktails and gourmet bites.


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Music Makers Logo -  Transparent Black - Hi Rez.png

The Lounge at Island Sound Studios Presents:
The Music Makers Series

The Music Makers Series runs every Saturday evening. Each show opens with an HKF emerging “On the Rise'' artist, and includes an intimate Q&A session with the main performer, gaining insights into the artistic process, inspirations, and stories behind the music. Tickets include VIP, GA/Host, and Bar seating. With limited availability, early booking is encouraged to secure preferred seating options.

In addition to providing a platform for exceptional musical talent, the Music Makers Series also aims to make a meaningful impact in the community. A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the Henry Kapono Foundation, supporting its mission to empower music creators and foster positive change through music.

Don't miss your chance to experience the magic of the Music Makers Series at the Lounge at Island Sound Studios. Join us for an unforgettable evening of music, camaraderie, and celebration.


Henry Kapono Foundation Logo Black.png

A portion of the Proceeds go to benefit the Henry Kapono Foundation

Help us Elevate Hawai'i's music industry by donating to the Henry Kapono Foundation. Your tax-deductible contribution will go toward making a direct impact in the music community, supporting and empowering Hawai'i's music Industry to thrive through the Henry Kapono Foundation (HKF) programs, grants, education, & resources. To learn more or donate directly to the HKF, visit

Chef Karol - 1
Beef Tataki.webp
Umami by Chef Karol

Chef Karol

Born and raised in Europe as the youngest of seven siblings, Chef Karol's culinary journey began amidst the chaos of a bustling household. His fondest memories revolve around the dinner table, where his family connected over delicious meals prepared by his mother, often welcoming neighbors and friends to share in the joy.

Inspired by the warmth and camaraderie of these gatherings, Chef Karol's fascination with food blossomed. As he traveled across Europe and ventured through Thailand, he embraced diverse flavors and culinary traditions, eventually finding himself in the vibrant community of the Florida Keys.

It was there, amidst the beauty of the Keys, that Chef Karol's path took an unexpected turn with the news of his mother's passing. Reflecting on a childhood promise made to move to Honolulu, he sensed a calling to honor her memory and explore new horizons.

Upon arriving in Honolulu, Chef Karol was captivated by the rich tapestry of cultures and customs. From sampling unique varieties of poke to savoring his first taste of Hawaiian cuisine at a traditional luau, he discovered a deep sense of belonging and the spirit of aloha.

Determined to pay homage to his mother's legacy and embrace the aloha spirit, Chef Karol embarked on a mission to share his passion for food infused with love and warmth. With each dish he creates at The Lounge at Island Sound Studios, Chef Karol invites guests to experience the essence of aloha and the joy of communal dining, just as he did in his childhood home.

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Looking for a unique venue to host your next corporate function or event? The Lounge at Island Sound is the perfect cultural hub to host your guests. Our venue offers a sophisticated setting that will elevate your event and make it truly unforgettable.

Private Events
and Functions

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